Play 2023 Fantasy Supercross with Team Babbitt's


Welcome to Babbitt's Fantasy Supercross League! Submit your picks BEFORE the first race each week for a chance to win:

Fly logo

1st Place: Season Fantasy Points Total
Full Fly Gear Set: Helmet, Goggles, Jersey, Pants & Gloves

2nd Place: Season Fantasy Points Total
Track Side: Chair, Umbrella, Straw Hat, Sunglasses. Cooler & Water Thermos

3rd Place: Season Fantasy Points Total
Clean freak: Slick Products Bundle

Holeshot: Leader after Round 4
2 Tickets to Round 5 Supercross in Detroit

Points per week

  • - 1st Place = 25 points
  • - 2nd Place = 22 points
  • - 3rd Place = 20 Points
  • - 4th Place = 18 Points
  • - 5th Place = 17 Points
  • - Wild Card = 25 Points

Click here for schedule and current leaderboard.


  • - You may only submit your entry once per week, per person.
  • - Use the same email address to earn cumulative points for the season. If you can't remember the email address you used previously, please click here.
  • - You cannot select the same racer twice on your submission. If you select the same racer two or more times, your submission will be disqualified.
  • - All entries submitted after the race starts will be disqualified.
  • - You are able to skip races. Your points will be accumulated at the end of the season for each race you earned points in.
    - Place is determined by points. During a tie, the entry submitted first wins.

Play Fantasy Supercross 2023 Supercross Schedule

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