Yamaha Technical Bulletin: January, 11, 2017
Bulletin Number: S2017-001R

Safety Bulletin:

Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. has decided that a defect that relates to customer satisfaction, durability, and safety exists in certain 2016 SR10 “SRViper” snowmobiles if fitted with a Yamaha point-of- purchase, dealer-installed aftermarket Mountain Performance, Inc. (MPI) turbocharger kit. In certain cases, turbo over-boost could cause engine stresses in excess of design limits. An internal investigation has determined that the turbo kit should have included connecting rods designed specifically to handle these increased pressures and stresses. A failure under this condition could cause a fire or a loss of control that could result in a crash with injury or death.

To correct this defect, Yamaha is initiating a Modification Campaign. Affected units must have alternate connecting rods installed that are specifically designed for the increased pressures and stresses.

IMPORTANT: SRViper snowmobiles that do not have the Yamaha MPI turbocharger installed are not affected by this bulletin.

Yamaha sold approximately 400 MPI Turbo Kits (p/n: SMA-8JP17-00-TB) to dealers but, out of an abundance of caution, Yamaha is notifying registered owners of all potentially affected 2016 SRViper snowmobiles by mail. A copy of this letter is included in this bulletin. The owner of an MPI turbo-equipped SRViper should take this letter along with the affected snowmobile to an authorized Yamaha dealer for modification. Owners of potentially affected snowmobiles without the MPI turbo can ignore the letter announcing this campaign; their units are unaffected.

A computer report listing all potentially affected snowmobiles invoiced to your dealership is included with this bulletin. Use the list to help ensure affected SRViper snowmobiles with the MPI turbo are modified. All sold snowmobiles that have been registered with Yamaha will show the customer’s name and address. Your dealership must notify the owner of any affected snowmobile that was actually sold but listed as “unsold” in the report.

You must modify all affected snowmobiles in your inventory with the MPI turbo as well as all affected cus- tomer-owned snowmobiles with the MPI turbo installed brought to you for this service. Any snowmobile in the affected range that you purchase from Yamaha in the future will also require modification if you have previously installed the MPI turbo kit. If you purchase a snowmobile from another dealer with the MPI turbo installed, check to see if the procedures in this bulletin have already been performed before you sell the snowmobile. 

Potentially Affected Models:
Certain Turbo Equipped 2016 SR10 ("SRVier") Snowmobiles.  Call with your VIN number to see if your machine is affected by this recall.

©2017 Yamaha

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