Six Time Loretta Lynn Champion: John Grewe

Today in spite of a crash in the final Masters class moto John Grewe #70 finished with a 1-1-2 score to add Championship number 6, quite an accomplishment.  While some of you may not follow Motocross, I'd like to offer a comparison.
Some of you may have heard of Multi-time MX and SX champion James Stewart.  James Stewart won seven titles at the ranch before turning pro and gaining fame and fortune in the sport.
As I watched John today, I had a flashback to when he was a young boy, and his dad had bought him a Kawasaki mini bike, and as I pulled into the Grewe home driveway, little John had made burms, and he was railing those corners over and over as fast as he could.
Now at the age of 51, he is still doing it, and he has got pretty darn good  at it.

More impressive to me was this morning he finished second overall in the senior 40 class, finishing ahead of many former top pro racers like Nathan Ramse, and Buddy Antunez,.  
Great job 70!
Details Provided by Al Stove.