2024 Honda Gold Wing Tour

2024 Honda Gold Wing Tour
Pearl White
MSRP: $28,700.00
Manufacturer: Honda
Condition: New




Discover your spirit of adventure and indulge your thirst for wanderlust with the touring bike that has dominated the segment for the past 50 years: the Honda Gold Wing Tour, Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT, and Gold Wing Tour Airbag Automatic DCT. Like all Gold Wings, these trims boast our renowned 1833cc six-cylinder engine, ample storage space, and innovative technology such as Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ compatibility. Choose between a conventional six-speed transmission or the advanced seven-speed automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT). Additionally, for 2024 the Gold Wing Tour and Tour DCT trims come in a bold Grey Metallic/Black combo, while all three are also available in a stunning Pearl White. So, embark on an unforgettable journey with the iconic Honda Gold Wing Tour lineup, the pinnacle of motorcycle touring.




Engine Type
1833cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke
73.0mm x 73.0mm
Compression Ratio
Valve Train
Unicam SOHC; four valves per cylinder
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI); 50mm throttle body

Drive Train

Six-speed including overdrive; electric reverse
Final Drive

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension
Double wishbone; 4.3 inch-travel
Rear Suspension
Pro Arm® single-side swingarm with Pro-Link® single shock; 4.1 inch-travel
Front Brakes
Dual 320mm discs
Rear Brakes
Single 316mm disc
Front Tires
Rear Tires


Rake (Caster Angle)
4.3 inches
66.9 inches
Seat Height
29.3 inches
Curb Weight
845 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel)
Fuel Capacity
5.5 gallons


Model ID
Meets current California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA standards.
Available Colors
Grey Metallic/Black, Pearl White

Factory Warranty Information

Three Years Included
Transferable, unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional Extended
Up to 8 years extended coverage available with HondaCare® Protection Plan



  • ENGINE The Gold Wing’s horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine is famously smooth and powerful. The latest version is an 1833cc design that’s over 13 pounds lighter than previous generations (more than eight pounds less for our DCT trims). STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • UNICAM CYLINDER HEAD DESIGN The Gold Wing’s engine uses a four-valve, Unicam® cylinder head design that improves engine performance and power, and also contributes to the engine’s weight reduction from its previous generation. The four-valve per cylinder design is also a big part of the Gold Wing’s superior fuel efficiency. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • 6-SPEED MANUAL TRANSMISSION If you prefer a manual transmission, the latest Gold Wing Tour models offer the best conventional gearbox in Gold Wing history. Case in point: an overdrive sixth gear so highway cruising is smoother than ever. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR
  • DOUBLE-WALL EXHAUST PIPES You may think this is just for cosmetics, but on a hot day single-wall exhaust pipes can throw off a lot of heat. The Gold Wing’s twin-wall design keeps things cooler. Plus, this is the best sounding Gold Wing we’ve ever built! STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • WALKING MODE All Gold Wing models with DCT transmissions feature “Walking Mode,” which lets you creep forward or backward under power at a walking pace. Think how easy it will be to get in and out of tight parking spots with a fully loaded bike. It’s another great example of Honda technology working for you. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR DCT, GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT
  • ALUMINUM CYLINDER SLEEVES High-strength aluminum cylinder sleeves help reduce weight, increase cooling efficiency, and reduce engine length. The 73mm cylinder bore as well as the short, high-strength crankshaft also help make the engine more compact. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • 7-SPEED AUTOMATIC DCT TRANSMISSION The Gold Wing is available with a revolutionary 7-Speed Automatic DCT. The shifts in this version are faster and smoother than ever, and the overdrive seventh gear is perfect for highway cruising. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR DCT, GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT
  • SLIPPER CLUTCH We’ve given our manual-transmission Gold Wing Tour model a slipper clutch, just like our premium sportbikes. It only makes sense—the 1833cc engine delivers tons of power, and the stellar chassis lets you ride this Gold Wing like a sportbike. Bring on the twisty roads! STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR
  • FUEL EFFICIENCY Because the 2024 Gold Wing is light, you’d expect it to be fuel efficient. But its weight is just the start. Combined with the bike’s engine, intake system, and four-valve design, estimated fuel economy is up 22 percent from the previous generation.* And if you want to really squeeze the last mile out of every drop, try the “Econ” ride mode setting. *Honda's fuel economy estimates are based on EPA exhaust emission measurement test procedures and are intended for comparison purposes only. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you ride, how you maintain your vehicle, weather, road conditions, tire pressure, installation of accessories, cargo, rider and passenger weight, and other factors. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • CRUISE CONTROL The 2024 Gold Wing still features cruise control—it was one of the first touring bikes to offer the feature. And with our advanced throttle-by-wire system, it’s better than ever. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS


  • DOUBLE WISHBONE FRONT SUSPENSION One look and your eyes will immediately go to the Gold Wing’s radical, Honda-engineered double-wishbone front suspension. The innovative design lets us move both the engine and the rider/passenger closer to the front wheel, giving you more room for added comfort as well as stellar handling. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • SWING ARM/REAR SUSPENSION Using our proprietary single-sided Pro Arm® design, the aluminum swingarm houses the Gold Wing’s shaft drive. The swingarm links to the frame using a patented pivot structure that both increases stiffness and reduces weight. You get responsive handling and a smoother ride. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • RIDE MODES Gold Wing engines offer a wide range of user-friendly power, and you can even choose between four ride modes (Tour, Sport, Rain, and Econ). Each mode varies power output depending on the mode selected. On the Gold Wing Tour models, it also changes suspension damping, and the shift points on the DCT models. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY It’s not just how much a motorcycle weighs; it’s how it distributes that weight. Thanks to their horizontally opposed engines, Gold Wing models have always offered a low center of gravity. The 2024 Gold Wing offers the lowest center of gravity of any bike in the class. That’s a huge benefit in handling, and it makes the bike feel lighter and easier to maneuver. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • ELECTRONIC SUSPENSION PRELOAD The Gold Wing Tour’s suspension features four electronically adjustable modes for varying loads. You can select (1) Rider, (2) Rider with loaded bags, (3) Rider and passenger, and (4) Rider and passenger with loaded bags. You won’t have to adjust the suspension manually, and you’ll always get a great ride. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • FRAME This latest generation all-aluminum frame is significantly lighter and more compact than previous editions. State-of-the-art die-casting lets us fine-tune chassis rigidity, giving you both a smooth ride and precise handling. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • ANTI-LOCK BRAKES All our 2024 Gold Wing models are equipped with combined anti-lock brakes for excellent stopping power under a wide variety of road and traction conditions. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • LIGHTER OVERALL WEIGHT Shaving weight on a motorcycle returns all sorts of benefits, from handling to acceleration to just being easier to maneuver around. We didn’t just shave ounces or grams with the latest Gold Wing. We lopped off almost 90 pounds compared to the previous generation. The lighter weight absolutely redefines this motorcycle. You thought it was fun to ride on twisty roads before — wait until you experience this one. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • DUAL RADIAL FRONT BRAKE CALIPERS The dual brake calipers on the Gold Wing are mounted similar to that of our World Champion RC213V MotoGP racebike. The stiffer mounting reduces caliper flex and improves brake power and feel. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS


  • HomeLink® Available as an optional feature, HomeLink® lets you integrate your new Gold Wing Tour with devices in your home. A typical example: you can open your home’s garage door without any dedicated controller—just touch a switch on your bike’s center console. No more fumbling, and no hassle.
  • ADVANCED METERS The Gold Wing’s cockpit meters are information central. In addition to the basics like vehicle and engine speed, loading configuration, ride mode, fuel level, engine temperature and dual tripmeters, you can also monitor outside air temperature, cruise control speed, heater levels, and even selected apps linked through Apple CarPlay™ on an iPhone® or Android Auto™ on an Android phone. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • ANDROID AUTO COMPATIBILITY Do you prefer an Android phone? We have you covered! The 2024 Gold Wing Tour fully integrates with your phone, thanks to Android Auto™. That means you can connect your Android phone to your Gold Wing to access Google Assistant, and to use navigation tools like Google Maps, Waze, and more. Plus, you’ll have access to weather, playlists, music-streaming services and telephone numbers. Available Bluetooth*-compatible headsets let you communicate easily too. *For using Android Auto, connection to a commercially available Bluetooth headset is necessary. Please refer to your Bluetooth headset manufacturer for optimal audio settings for use with Android Auto. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • VEHICLE SETTINGS Your new Gold Wing is packed with smart rider aids. A glance at the dash keeps you informed of things like ride mode (Tour, Sport, Rain, Econ), rear-suspension preload settings, tire pressure* and much more. *Depending on chosen model. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • 55-WATT SPEAKERS Gold Wings have always offered excellent sound systems, but our current speakers have a high 55-watt rating, and we’ve optimized both the equalizer settings and automatic volume adjustment, so you’ll get a sound that’s a little richer and more pleasing to the ears. And make sure to check out our accessory rear speakers too. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • TIRE PRESSURE MONITORING SYSTEM (TPMS) Correct tire inflation is a necessity for safe, economical motorcycling. And it’s especially critical with a touring bike, because of the varying loads. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) automatically warns you of low tire pressure on all Gold Wing models. On Gold Wing Tour models, including a dashboard readout of the actual front and rear pressure in PSI is a premium touch. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • Apple CarPlay™ COMPATIBILITY A first for the motorcycle industry! Apple’s CarPlay™*1 seamlessly integrates your iPhone®*1 into your new Gold Wing. That means you can use your iPhone® to access Apple Maps®, Apple Music®, and other services easily. You’ll have access to weather, playlists and telephone numbers while aboard. Available Bluetooth®*2-enabled wireless headsets let you communicate more easily than ever. And best of all, with more apps available every day, Apple CarPlay™*1 keeps your bike’s technology and convenience on the cutting edge. *1 Apple CarPlay and iPhone are the trademarks of Apple Inc. *2 For using Apple CarPlay, connection to a commercially available Bluetooth headset is necessary. See owner’s manual for Bluetooth headset requirements. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • NAVI Every Gold Wing Tour is equipped with a big, bright, seven-inch full-color Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD screen to display routes and other navigation information. Plus, since it’s equipped with a gyrocompass, the system even functions inside a tunnel. Independent of the Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™ feature, it works with or without your phone. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • AUDIO Your new Gold Wing’s audio system is an excellent example of state-of-the-art electronic technology. In addition to listening to music, with an available Bluetooth* headset you can make or answer phone calls without taking off your helmet. In addition to a standard USB connector, options include a separate passenger audio control switch, a high-output amplifier and speakers, Sirius XM® satellite radio, a CB radio, and more. Plus, there’s a second USB connector in the left saddlebag of all Gold Wing models. *See owner’s manual for Bluetooth headset requirements. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS

Comfort and Cargo

  • LARGER TRUNK The Gold Wing Tour's trunk holds 61 liters. That means in most cases you can get two XXL full-face helmets in there. Combined, the trunk and saddlebags give you 121 liters of storage—plenty to hold what you need for a weekend’s travels. Available accessories include an auto-on interior light, a luggage rack, and more.
  • FAIRING Back in the 1980s, the Gold Wing was the first bike to introduce full-coverage fairings as original equipment, and this latest one is one of our best. It offers excellent wind and weather protection, yet is trimmer and more aerodynamic than in previous generation models. It also flows more air through refined ducting, helping keep you cooler on hot summer days. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • INTEGRATED PASSENGER GRAB HANDLES Once a passenger has ridden on a Gold Wing, there’s no going back. Functional design touches like the integrated passenger grab handles help make your copilot’s riding experience an absolute pleasure, especially on longer rides. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR, GOLD WING TOUR DCT, GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT
  • RIDER/PASSENGER SEATING Our Gold Wing Tour models feature seats with a custom-feel suede-like cover. The rider on every Gold Wing model can enjoy an optional backrest, and on our Gold Wing models without a trunk, there’s also an optional backrest for the passenger. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • LUGGAGE All 2024 Gold Wings feature integrated saddlebags, designed to hold enough for most weekend trips. The bags open electronically with the push of a button, and lock and unlock remotely with the smart key. They’re hydraulically damped for smooth operation too. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • HEATED GRIPS Part of riding a bike is enjoying the elements. But nobody likes being cold. That’s why every 2024 Gold Wing comes equipped with electric heated grips as standard equipment. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • OVER 50 ACCESSORIES Gold Wing riders are incredibly engaged when it comes to accessorizing their motorcycles. And we have you covered. We have over 50 accessories available that look right, fit right, and are built to Honda’s high standards. Time to make that new bike yours and yours alone! STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • ELECTRIC WINDSCREEN You’ll notice a couple of things about the Gold Wing's windscreen. First, it’s electrically controlled, moving both up and down over a 4.9-inch range for the Gold Wing Tour as well as changing its angle as it raises and lowers. Plus, it automatically remembers the last setting. Because you sit closer to the windscreen, it has a narrower, lower, more sporting profile, yet still offers excellent protection. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • RIDER/LOCATION The shorter engine and innovative front suspension let us move the rider farther forward, enhancing the bike’s handling and making you feel more connected to the motorcycle’s steering axis. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE (HMI) You’ll find plenty of simple, dedicated switches and controls on your Gold Wing’s handlebars, ergonomically placed, which give you simple, intuitive control inputs that zero out frustration. There is also a centralized control knob in the console similar to modern autos. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • PASSENGER BACKREST We changed up the angle of the passenger backrest on our Tour models in 2021 (from 17 degrees to 24.5 degrees), increased its height, and added more cushion. It’s always been a great seat, but now it’s like your favorite easy chair at home! STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR, GOLD WING TOUR DCT, GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT
  • FUNCTIONAL STYLING Sometimes less is more, at least when it comes to motorcycles. We’ve noted that the Gold Wing is lighter, more responsive and more athletic than in previous generations. That goes for its styling as well. While the bodywork still offers excellent weather protection, it’s crisper now, exposing a little more of the engine and chassis. It’s definitely not your grandfather’s touring bike. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • HEATED SEATS Now we’re talking about riding in the lap of luxury (no pun intended). In addition to heated grips, every Gold Wing Tour model also comes with heated seats for both you and your passenger. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR, GOLD WING TOUR DCT, GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT


  • THROTTLE BY WIRE The 2024 Gold Wing’s throttle-by-wire system enables features like the bike’s four ride modes and our exclusive Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • SMART KEY Your new Gold Wing features an electronic smart key. When the key is in close proximity (say, in your jacket pocket), you can just hop on, press a button, and ride off. An “answer back” feature lets you find your bike in the dark or in crowded rally parking. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • REVERSE Gold Wing Tour DCT models offer an exclusive low-speed reverse that uses engine power, while the Gold Wing Tour with manual transmission offers a unique electric reverse. Both systems make it easy to maneuver your bike out of a parking space, especially if you need to roll back up a slight hill. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • LED LIGHTING All 2024 Gold Wing Tour models feature a complete LED lighting package. The headlights, the taillights, and every bit of instrumentation is LED. LEDs not only last longer, but they’re also lighter and run cooler.. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • AIRBAG The Gold Wing pioneered the concept of a motorcycle airbag, and the 2024 Gold Wing Tour continues to lead the way. Available on our Tour Airbag DCT model, it goes that extra mile towards increased rider safety. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT
  • OPTIONAL LIGHTS Lighten up! Optional accessory LED lighting for your Gold Wing Tour includes an additional LED rear brake light that is integrated into the available rear chrome trunk rack, and LED lights for inside the trunk that automatically illuminate when the trunk is opened. There’s even available LED “Entry Lighting” that illuminate the outside of the bike.
  • HILL START ASSIST All our Gold Wings offer Hill Start Assist (HSA). This feature momentarily holds your motorcycle’s position on inclines after you’ve released the brakes and before you apply the throttle, eliminating any roll-back drama. It’s a great convenience when starting from a stop on a hill. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • INTEGRATED STARTER GENERATOR (ISG) Most cars and motorcycles have separate starters and alternators. Not your new Gold Wing Tour. We’ve combined the starter and alternator into one assembly that’s light and compact. It’s part of the Gold Wing’s overall weight-savings program, and you’ll hear the difference the first time you press the start button.. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • Honda SELECTABLE TORQUE CONTROL (HSTC) On our Gold Wing Tour models, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) constantly monitors your bike’s rear-wheel speed, and adjusts torque instantly. It’s a great feature when riding in the rain, on sandy, gritty roads, over wet leaves, or anywhere else where surface conditions can compromise traction. STANDARD ON: GOLD WING TOUR, GOLD WING TOUR DCT, GOLD WING TOUR AIRBAG DCT
  • NANO-TECH PAINT Even the Gold Wing's paint is high tech, using BASF’s nano technology. The darks look darker, and the lights look brighter. The paint itself has a luxurious wet look. The Gold Wing Tour and Tour DCT come in two colors (Grey Metallic/Black and Pearl White). The Gold Wing Tour Airbag DCT model is available in Pearl White STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS
  • TURN SIGNALS You’ll notice that the Gold Wing’s front turn signals are integrated into the rearview mirrors, and use three LEDs each. The rear LED turn signals are built into the tail- and brake-light assembly for a clean, integrated look. Best of all, they’re self-cancelling. STANDARD ON: ALL TRIMS

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